I LOVE Public Flashing

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal post so I thought I’d write today as I’m sitting around watching the  NFL Playoffs.  Ever since starting on this Internet adventure in 1996 I have always loved pictures of women flashing out in public.  People have different definitions of flashing. When I say “flashing” I expect to see women exposing themselves in public with a REAL chance of getting caught. They don’t have to be totally exposed for the public to see but there must at least be the possibility of them getting caught. Quite often I see Webgirls posting pictures they call flashing but in reality they are only in their backyard behind a fence  or at a nude resort/beach where everyone is expected to be naked.  I don’t consider those circumstances flashing.  So I have posted these pictures of what I consider to be real flashing in public!

Women Expose Themselves In Public


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