Taylor Ann Fucks

Amatuer MILF Taylor Ann Fucks Her First Male Porn Star

Most people, even us ladies, want to get with a porn star at least once in their life. That’s not a theory, it’s a fact from my experience. Well you can count me in that club! Of course, like other people, I never thought I would have a real porn star be interested in me. Of course being a girl I have the advantage of finding a male or female porn star doubling my odds! Lucky me!

One day I got a text from my husband as I was returning home from my daily workout with a number to Marcus London. Yes, the porn star, Marcus London! My man had emailed him and he had responded! WOW was I nervous! I just had to call tho… I dialed the number and Marcus answered, what an amazingly great guy he was. We made tentative plans to meet in the next few weeks when we were in Las Vegas. Of course, I still couldn’t believe that the porn star that directed and acted in Spartacus, the epic porn film and the real squirt master wanted to fuck little old me.

When the trip came, Marcus and I talked and he actually went out of his way to return from LA to get together. I was still nervous – I had never been able to squirt – and didn’t know what to expect. Well, the pics and video that will come soon, pretty much explain the rest of the story.

Let’s just say that Marcus London is an amazing guy and GREAT at what he does! I hope it’s not the last time we see each other, for sure. Hope it makes you as hot as it did me! CLICK HERE!

Orea Sandwich

Interracial Oreo Sandwich!

So how do you eat an oreo cookie? Do you eat the chocolate first? Do you lick out the white cream? I like a bit of both… hehe Over the weekend I got sandwiched buy two hot chocolate studs and they poked, licked, prodded and squeezed every last bit of gooey white cream out of me! I was moaning and screaming like crazy! This is a super large update with over 130 pics and a 30 minute video! Trust me… one of my hottest … CLICK HERE!

Cumming to Town

He’s Coming To Town & I’m Cumming!

Hey guys I am very excited and worked up because I have a friend from out of town that has been a longtime fan of my site flying into town tonight. And this weekend we are going to be hooking up for some fun. I became so worked up just thinking about it that I had to relieve my sexual energy. So I decided to just get a big toy and fill my pussy. It felt so amazing as I fantasized about what we are going to do together! The fact we are going to have some fun has my erotic mind and jucies flowing! I became extremely wet and you can hear it in this video. Watch me bounce my ass on top of this toy as I work myself into a crazy hot orgasm. And soon I’ll have his big cock filling my pussy! OH MY GOSH is it going to be a hot time when I get to go down on him! CLICK HERE and get this 12+ HD min. video as I get off awaiting my friends arrival into town!

Big Tits In Wife Beater

Kris Ann With Her Sexy Big Tits In a Wife Beater

When I stay at friend’s houses overnight I like to wear a tank top and panties to bed. I feel so sexy and comfy at the same time, that’s the best feeling…hehe… This time I wore my white tank and when it’s cold you can see how hard my nipples get. Would you like if I stayed at your house for the night? Do you want to see what’s under my tank? I bet you do, so come on in and see. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL MY NAKED PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Fishnet Tattoo Beauty

Want To Cum To Bed With Me?

I know I may seem shy and little but believe me in the bedroom I’m a real freak … I love to dress up or down lol dress you up or maybe oil you up hehe when it comes to sexy I am a beast and I love to get my little pussy pounded all night long!! I’m sure you would love to watch these juicy buns bounce up and down and side to side while I ride your cock and make it cum like a volcano mmmmm :) CLICK HERE TO COME PLAY WITH ALL MY PAWG – I’M NAKED AND READY and YOU GET 60+ DREAMNET AMATEURS WHEN YOU JOIN!

Ivy Washing Her Car

Ivy Washes and Polishes Her Car In Bikini

I was at my small home outside of city and suddenly I realized my daughters car was filthy and it needed a good cleanup. I took my sponge and pink bucket, filled it with hot soapy water and quickly started my work. As the warm soapy water splashed on my body, dribbling slowly down my breasts and thighs I suddenly felt so warm and horny that I carelessly removed my bikini top without a second thought … Just then, I noticed that a car passing close to my home had stopped and the driver was looking at me. He got out and asked if I wouldn’t mind doing such a good job on his own car for 50 bucks … Well, why not! I made sure that his new car was polished so gently with the help of my heavy boobs becoming even more excited just like when i cleaned my daughters car before … such a pity it wasn’t photographed too, I was so horny, as he watched me while sitting in his car playing. Now I’ve so many offers for my little carwash that I wonder if I should open my own business, lol. Maybe Your car needs some polishing too and perhaps the driver too? CLICK HERE TO GET ALL OF IVY PLUS 60+ OTHER AMATEURS OF THE DREAMNET.COM NETWORK!

Janessa Jordan Lesbian Action!

Janessa Jordan Before She Was Famous!

My girlfriend Janessa Jordan comes over the other day and she’s just got this shit eating grin on her face … and I’m like “What’s That Look For?” Then she slowly reaches into and bag and pulls out this huge double end glass dong and I was like “OMG” … we both just looked at each other and know he had to put that thing to good use right away!  WE WE GO DOWN ON EACH OTHER GET ALL CREAMY AND WET AND THEN FUCK OURSELVES SILLY WITH THIS THNG .. IT WAS AMAZING! YOU GET TO SEE IT ALL IN NICE AND DEEP IN THIS EXTRA LARGE PHOTO SET! CLICK HERE!


Fucking The Pool Guy

Brittany Cox Fucking The Pool Guy!

My regular pool guy is this young hippy type dude that I am not really atrracted to, so imagine my surprise and excitement when this hot black stud showed up to clean my pool. After watching him through my window for a few minutes, I couldn’t help myself. So I put on this sexy little red outfit and I headed out to the pool. He wasn’t shy as you can see, and it turned out to be one of the best days I have ever spent poolside. CLICK HERE!

Interracial In My Bed!

He Arrived … We Got Busy!

Interracial In My Own Bed! HD Video!

This HD & Mobile video is over 16 minutes long and it is me and Xavier in my own bed go at it like school kids! It was such fun sex and sucking his big black cock and letting it fuck me. I also cum on his face while he eats my pussy *smile* He finally pulls out and cums in my mouth and on my face … so naughty, so fun, so real …  CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF DAWN MARIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Paige Is Feeling Wild!

Sexy Little Paige Is Feeling Wild

I was suppose to be setting up the studio office for work. I have so much to do, tons of videos and toy tests to complete, but I kept getting distracted but all of my fun toys that are on my wall! I couldn’t get anything done with all the dirty thoughts racing though my brain! What is a gal to do???!!! I grabbed a crazy split toy and proceeded to take care of my naughty, aching pussy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF SEXY LITTLE PAIGE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

The Evil BJ Queen

Take Me In Blue Jeans

I am your evil Queen with my sharp weapon like nails and a voracious appetite for cock! Feast your eyes on this tall statuesque frame in PVC thigh-high boots and sexy blood red dress. My wish is your command! Give me what I want and do it now! I want your cock! Your Queen shows you her very arousing ass, tits and pussy, long long legs & then goes in for the kill ;) The killer cock. CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF KYLIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS … SHE IS ONE NAUGHTY CANADIAN WIFE!


Don’t Ya’ Wish

Don’t Ya’ Wish You Could Fuck Me!

Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? I’m sure by now you’ve heard the famous Pussycat Dolls song… I know a lot of you guys are sitting there thinking that you wish your girlfriend or wife were just a little bit more wild or a little bit more freaky? Well in case she won’t get crazy for you… you know I will…! :) CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF FAITH’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Rebecca In The Penthouse Suite

Rebecca Naked In The Penthouse Suite

I cannot tell a lie. One of my favorite things about being a Dreamgirl is visiting all the fantastic places in the world and sharing them with you. Sometimes they are trips to another continent, sometimes they are trips within the same state, and sometimes they are trips around the corner. I have a fantastic girlfriend who helps to take my photos and I must say that she has one of my favorite jobs that I would never have thought of. She is a real estate photographer and has access to some imncredible places most people don’t normally get to go. Recently I flew to visit her and she took me to the Penthouse of an apartment building with million dollar views to take some photos. I was in shock!

Well I’m not sure which you’d rather look at, the views or me. If you aren’t sure which you prefer, take a look and tell me which view you’d never get tired of looking at. Remember, a picture is with a thousand words, but at least I look good in daytime and night! Come in and let me know if you want to put in a bid. CLICK HERE FOR 1000’S OF PICTURES AND HOURS OF VIDEOS ON REBECCA’S OFFICAL SITE AT DREAMNET.COM


Waiting For New Cock

Dawn Marie Waiting For New Cock

There is nothing that turns me on more than waiting for a new guy to shoot with to show up at my hotel room. This picture set was taken not long before Aaron was to show up at my hotel room. I met Aaron on Twitter and we have arranged to shoot in this hotel room in just a little while. The anticipation of waiting for a new guy to show up to shoot always gets me so wet. Even after all these years I get nervous and excited waiting to meet someone new I’ve never shot with before.

It’s not long until he shows up and I’ll have a new cock in my hand, mouth and pussy and I always enjoy the waiting but when the action starts I totally get off. Just the feeling of a new cock sliding between my lips makes my pussy drip with wetness. I love the feeling of new guy sliding between my legs and feeling him inside me. It’s so surreal that after all these years on the web I still the love the surprise of new guy. No matter what you’ve heard from others this is never routine for me. See me before sex glow and you won’t be disappointed because the next set I post will be with my new cock … hehehe! CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF DAWN MARIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Very Pregnant Britney

Brianna Ray and Very Pregnant Britney

There has only been one pregnant woman that I have ever seen taht has been able to pull off wearing sexy fishnet clothes and turn me on and it’s Britney SC3. Her huge boobs and big round pregnant belly are enough to take me to my knees. And that is exactly what I do in this update is go down to my knees to please her! CLICK HERE FOR 1000’S OF PICTURES AND HOURS OF VIDEO ON BRIANNA RAY’S OFFICAIL SITE ON DREAMNET.COM

Sassy Naked On The Watch Tower

Sassy Naked On The Watch Tower

Well earlier this year we went to a local state park that has a fire tower on it. We walked around and took some pics near both the bunk cabin and fire tower. It was a lot of fun, as it was a nice warm spring day outside. The view from the Tower was awesome! CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF SASSY’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Big Tit Interracial

Dreamnet.com … the home Wives, Girlfriends and MILFs on the Web for over 13 years. What makes us different? The women on Dreamnet are real wives that answer their email and will talk with you! They are not just nameless Internet models collecting paycheck for taking pictures. They do it because they love it! CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND WATCH DIRTY SLUT AMATEUR WIFES NAKED, FUCKING AND SUCKING!

Horny Housewife Wants Black Dick!

I found myself alone the other night and very horny. I had to give a friend a call to have him come help me out.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIENDS, WIVES AND MOMS!

Nailed After Work

Fucked In Pantyhose After Work!

You are not going to believe this! I come home from work today and hubby meets me right in the driveway with the video camera! He proceeds to tell me how horny he is and that he needs it now. Heck I can’t even get inside the house before he wants it .. LOL! We play on camera until he gives me a HUGE FACIAL!! CLICK HERE FOR 20+ MINUTES OF HIGH QUALITY VIDEO IN FULL TV SIZE! This video is TOTALLY unedited .. you get to see it all .. no cuts .. just as it happened!

Hubby Watches Wife & BBC

Dreamnet.com … the home Wives, Girlfriends and MILFs on the Web for over 13 years. What makes us different? The women on Dreamnet are real wives that answer their email and will talk with you! They are not just nameless Internet models collecting paycheck for taking pictures. They do it because they love it! CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND WATCH DIRTY SLUT AMATEUR WIFES NAKED, FUCKING AND SUCKING!

Jamie’s First Black Cock!

Jamie always wanted a big black cock and finally hubby say “Ok, you can fuck a black dude as long as I get to take pictures” and here are the results. Jamie has so much fun fuck, sucking and riding big black cock while hubby takes pictures. These should have never been public but hubby leaked them out :)  CLICK HERE FOR MORE BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIENDS, WIVES AND MOMS!


Sleep Over with Elli!

Elli Wants You to Sleep Over!

I see you’re ready for a sleepover with me tonight! Did you bring your pyjamas? No? Oh dear.. maybe I should get out of mine to help you feel more comfortable! MM, that has awakened some warm feelings in my breasts, they’re all tingly! You wouldn’t mind if I got my toy out for a self-love session, would you? I promise you can watch! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE HD PICTURES AND VIDEOS ELLI’S WEBSITE!!

Lindsey’s 80’s Flashback

Dreamnet.com … the home Wives, Girlfriends and MILFs on the Web for over 13 years. What makes us different? The women on Dreamnet are real wives that answer their email and will talk with you! They are not just nameless Internet models collecting paycheck for taking pictures. They do it because they love it! CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND WATCH DIRTY SLUT AMATEUR WIFES NAKED, FUCKING AND SUCKING!

Lindsey’s 80’s Flashback!

Hey guys this is something a little special … this is one of our most beloved past Dreamgirls Lindsey. She left Dreamnet.com many years ago, however, we still have all her pictures to share! This set she scanned pictures of herself she took in the 1980’s and it’s definitely super hot stuff!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIENDS, WIVES AND MOMS!


Rebecca’s Secret Hideaway

Rebecca Is Naked In Her Secret Hideaway

Have I waited this long to tell you about my secret hideaway? Yep. It is a peaceful place I run off to when I want to get away from everything in my home. Some of you have your “Man Cave”. Well I have my “Nest” at the top of my house where I surround myself with fantasy. I figured it would be time to show all of you where I go to get away from it all. I also have some great memories here. It is my room of memories from all the great trips in my life. I bet if you look closely, you can find some pretty interesting artifacts. So come on up to the top of my world. Study close as there will be a quiz at the end of this pictorial! : )

Some people say I shouldn’t be alone in this room. Well I beg to differ. That is why I am inviting all o you up to my special room. I think you’ll find that it offers some very interesting opportunities. I personally think that there are some great things you and I could do here. BTW, you won’t believe it, but I have never ever had sex in this room. I swear that I never have. Well, maybe when you take a look, you can give me a sense of where I should do it. So come on up, come on in, and let’s have a party. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICS AND MY DIRTY MILF ADVENTURES!


Drive -n- Fuck!

Dee Siren Gets Fucked On The Road!

This is not your normal Sunday drive around Houston. As my husband is driving around town, I’m in the back being a naughty hotwife. Fucking one of my favorite “boytoys” in the back of our SUV is such a turn on. Knowing that anyone driving next to us can look in and see me hopping up and down on a cock. Maybe they notice the car rocking back and forth? Either way I know hubby had fun watching and jerking his cock while he was trying to drive.  CLICK HERE AND WATCH DEE SIREN GET THE SHIT FUCKED OUT OF HER IN THE MINI-VAN!

Cock Sucking Fun!

Michelle Cock Sucking Fun!

This week you catch me ready to have a sex session, I just love dressing up for sex it really does make a cock nice and hard, and it makes it spunk quicker I find. But before that I give my ass a nice fingering, before spreading my cunt nice and wide for you, a well spread cunt just waiting to be used.

I need to cum badly so I am going to have a wank while you watch me play cum and drink my love juice, oh boy that was a mind blowing orgasm. Its time now to have some wanking and cock-sucking fun, I just need and want cock all the time, and I am soon sucking and wanking that lovely big tool, I wank it and suck it until I can feel that cream leaving his balls, here he cums lots of thick hot spunk, would you like me to wank and suck your cock!!!!! like that.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF MICHELLE’S  PICTURES AND VIDEOS … SHE IS ONE DIRTY BRITISH MILF!


Kylie Deville In Blue Jeans

Take Me In Blue Jeans

So glad you got us a hotel room for the night. Nice to get away and have some sexy fun! Let me seduce you while I show off my nice round ass for you and my ‘more than a handful’ tits… then we get to the really juicy part, my PUSSY! I love teasing you and getting you dripping and hard with anticipation of sinking that big cock into me! Look at this sweet pink pussy just open and waiting for you to give me the fucking of my life. :) Do you want me baby? Come inside and get me!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF KYLIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS … SHE IS ONE NAUGHTY CANADIAN WIFE!

Jody Shots Her Own Pics

Free Naked Pics From 20 Year Old Jody

Hey guys  this is another one of my bonus updates brought to you by Dawn Marie and Dreamnet.com . Jody submitted these pictures to me as fun way to play naked online and share her sexuality. Because she still lives at home she cannot be online but this 20 year old is damn sexy and loves being very sexual. Her sexuality is very mature for someone her age and she has learned how to use it :)

Down -n- Dirty Office Girls

Ariella Ferrera & Lisa Ann
Office Girls Down and Dirty!

In this update I’m with the very sexy MILF Lisa Ann and we had a blast playing office girls! Just imagine if you worked in the same office as the two of us? Would you be able to keep your concentration level up to complete your work day. Or, would you mind drift to what would be like to have Lisa Ann and I on our knees sucking your cock! I say lets have the sex … hehehe! CLICK HERE and let the fantasy unfold!