The 5¢ Blow

Dawn Marie’s 5¢ Blow!

What would you say if I was to offer 5¢ blow jobs? Well after finding this tshirt I could not resist … hehe! I love sucking a mans cock and looking up into his eyes as he watches me suck his cock, fondle his balls and making him feel good. There is something so satisfying about working a man’s cock with my hands and mouth until the point that he is ready to explode. Even though it doesn’t make me orgasm it is very arousing and I always get my turn afterwards. After all, once I make you cum with my mouth and then give you a little recovery time then we can fuck and you’ll last twice as long … VBEG! So give me a nickel to swallow your cock with my warm mouth! CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF DAWN MARIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!



Meet Dawn Marie In New Jersey

New Jersey Exxxotica Expo
October 4th – 6th

Dawn Marie and I (Rob her hubby) will be a the New Jersey Exxxotica Expo on October 4th – 6th. Dawn Marie will be in the Porn Star Tweet booth with free 8 x 10 for signing :)  We both hope to see you there! CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS!


Interracial In My Bed!

He Arrived … We Got Busy!

Interracial In My Own Bed! HD Video!

This HD & Mobile video is over 16 minutes long and it is me and Xavier in my own bed go at it like school kids! It was such fun sex and sucking his big black cock and letting it fuck me. I also cum on his face while he eats my pussy *smile* He finally pulls out and cums in my mouth and on my face … so naughty, so fun, so real …  CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF DAWN MARIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Waiting For New Cock

Dawn Marie Waiting For New Cock

There is nothing that turns me on more than waiting for a new guy to shoot with to show up at my hotel room. This picture set was taken not long before Aaron was to show up at my hotel room. I met Aaron on Twitter and we have arranged to shoot in this hotel room in just a little while. The anticipation of waiting for a new guy to show up to shoot always gets me so wet. Even after all these years I get nervous and excited waiting to meet someone new I’ve never shot with before.

It’s not long until he shows up and I’ll have a new cock in my hand, mouth and pussy and I always enjoy the waiting but when the action starts I totally get off. Just the feeling of a new cock sliding between my lips makes my pussy drip with wetness. I love the feeling of new guy sliding between my legs and feeling him inside me. It’s so surreal that after all these years on the web I still the love the surprise of new guy. No matter what you’ve heard from others this is never routine for me. See me before sex glow and you won’t be disappointed because the next set I post will be with my new cock … hehehe! CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF DAWN MARIE’S PICTURES AND VIDEOS FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Nailed After Work

Fucked In Pantyhose After Work!

You are not going to believe this! I come home from work today and hubby meets me right in the driveway with the video camera! He proceeds to tell me how horny he is and that he needs it now. Heck I can’t even get inside the house before he wants it .. LOL! We play on camera until he gives me a HUGE FACIAL!! CLICK HERE FOR 20+ MINUTES OF HIGH QUALITY VIDEO IN FULL TV SIZE! This video is TOTALLY unedited .. you get to see it all .. no cuts .. just as it happened!

My Birthday Party

Hey all wanted to share a couple of photos with you! Recently I had a birthday party and let’s just say it was one of those monumental brithdays … LOL! It was a seriously a great night with LOTS of friends attending from both in and out of the industry! We had an absolute blast! I realized at this party how many GREAT friends I have made since moving to Phoenix in 1999 with my wife Dawn Marie (@DawnMariesDream).  In the past year and half Dawn Marie and I have become great friends with Buzz (@Aziani) and Rachel Aziani (@RachelAziani) from the Aziani Network.  I have to say over the 15 years I’ve been involved in the adult Internet world I have met A LOT of people that are site owners, pornstars, amateur girls next door and amateur stars, however, it is seldom I have met new people in this industry that are so down to earth. Dawn Marie and I have developed  such a great friendship with Buzz and Rachel and I are very appreciative of their company!  I want to thank Buzz and Rachel for attending my party and it was truly a amazing night. Although I think we need to play some more of the corn hole game LOL!

Also I want to give a shout out to my long time friends Jack and Faith (@DreamnetFaith69) who have been there through thick and thin with me since moving to Phoenix. I Love you guys and thanks for all the friendship and support over the years! Don’t know how I missed my picture with them that night :( But they were there and I’ve added a photo of them together in our kitchen!


Dawn Marie In Fishnet

Catch Dawn Marie in Fishnet!

I wore this little fishnet outfit a couple weeks ago in a masturbation video and got so many emails about seeing it in pictures. Well I am always happy to oblige my followers … so here ya’ go!

I have to admin wearing this fishnet outfit does make me feel damn sexy! It’s revealing and non-revealing all at the same time and makes me horny just thinking of being with a man and having him tug on the material as he takes care of me and I reciprocate the affections … VBEG! Just imagine running your hands under the stretchy material and grabbing my butt and tits. I would just love that and I hope you would too. Or better yet imagine me down on my knees sucking your cock as you look down and see my nipples popping out of the holes in the fishnet! You know how I love sucking the cock of man I’ve never been with before and if it was you and I was wearing this would you be happy? CLICK HERE and let’s experience all this fishnet fun together. It’s something we both will enjoy I assure you … hehehehe!

Black Cock In The Morning

A couple years ago I stayed all night in a local hotel for a little weekend getaway and to have some fun taking photos :) Well late on Saturday night after several hours of shooting I was feeling really horny and started texting one of my boy toy buddies. He said he couldn’t come over that night but he would be happy to come the next morning. Well I thought, I like it black in the morning so he showed up at 9am Sunday morning and this was much better than breakfast in bed!

We started by making out and then he ate my pussy! I couldn’t wait to get him in bed and suck his hard cock! But when he started fucking me I was over the moon. We fucked and sucked for a long time! Finally we finished with him shooting his warm cum right in my mouth!



15 Years Online!

15th Anniversary Valentine’s Day Special

You guys are not going to believe this but this is my 15th Valentine’s Day online. I started online in February of 1998 and I’m still going strong thanks to all of you. I am eternally grateful for all the support over the years! Honestly, I would have thought you guys would have gotten sick of seeing me naked after all these years but your support has kept me going and I’m truly honored. I know I’m no longer a spring chicken, after all, I didn’t even start getting naked online until I was 32 years old. But heck if Nina Hartley can get MILF of the year at 51 years old I guess I still have a little longer to go … VBEG!

This Valentine Day picture set is special tribute to you as a a way of saying THANK YOU! The thing that really keeps me interested and enjoying my websites are the fantasies we get to have together. Me just day dreaming of your hard cock inside of me just makes my pussy all wet and that turn on factor is what really gets me excited. You see my website is more about fun than anything else and it’s fun we have together that makes me horny and full of enjoyment!


Slam Bam HD Video

You know sometimes a good ole’ slam bam thank you ma’am is just what a woman needs. This day I was horny as hell but I had made no plans to meet with anyone. It just so happened that my new friend called me up and said he wanted to come over for a quickie. I told him it would be quick for sure because I had less than one hour of spare time when no one was home. He told he me he’d be right over. We were both horny as hell by the time he arrived and as soon as he walked in the front door we jump on the couch and went at it with the fever of two high school kids at the drive-in LOL!

Although it was not a long sex adventure it sure was quite satisfying! In the span of 30 minutes we both orgasmed big time! He pulled out just in time to shoot warm cum on my tits. I just love the feeling warm cum on my tits and watching a guy squirt all over them is really erotic. Is that something you fancy doing to me? If so CLICK HERE and see for yourself the happy look on my face when he cums for me right on my big tits!


A Taste of Honey

Here is blast from the past for today’s update! These pictures were taken in 2007 and looking over my site today I was amazed they were not currently posted! So I had hubby re-master all the images in today’s larger sizes and not only that … I have posted a bunch of outtakes.

This is the first time I met the lovely Dreamgirl Honey and it was her very first shoot with another woman. We had a couple of drinks t loosen up and she was just as giddy as could be … we both had to work hard to not crack up laughing while shooting the photos. You’ll see all the laughing in the outtakes that have never before been posted. Honey certainly had an awesome curvy body, one of the reasons we hooked up with her is because Hubby was a big fan and loved her curvy natural body with her big luscious tits! Honey and I even did 69 for a few minutes and hubby was over the moon on that one! I miss Honey she was a really down to earth and a pleasure to hang out with. So often getting naked online you meet wonderful women that for one reason or another have to end up leaving the web. Honey was one of those women and we really miss her and her husband. Such an awesome couple.

But this day for Honey’s very first girl/girl shoot we got crazy, had fun and laughed … not to mention had fun feeling each others naked bodies! So CLICK HERE for all the fun girl on girl action and enjoy all the never before posted pictures with hilarious outtakes!

Fan Phone Sex!

Let’s keep it real! I had fan of my site and an occasional member to my cams shows ask me if we could have phone sex. I must admit all these years online phone sex is something that just turns me on. I guess I’m woman for sure because I’m not a huge visual porn watcher but when someone is talking dirty to me I get totally turned on!

So last week Eric called and I set up the video camera and recorded the whole thing! You can even hear him a little bit on the phone. This is 100% pure reality and you get to see it all as it happened totally unedited! CLICK HERE and let’s talk dirty and you can use my voice as jack off encouragement …. hehehehe!


Christmas Afternoon Delight

Last Wednesday just a few days before Christmas hubby and I were taking it easy and enjoying not working so hard during Christmas week. He left the house to go visit one of his buddies to practice guitar early Wednesday afternoon. Well being the naughty wife I am I decided to surprise him with something I knew would turn him on quite a bit. So I called up one of my friends to come over for a little Christmas Afternoon Delight.

My boy toy friend came over and we had sex right in our own bed. This is so naughty and I know hubby will be turned on like crazy. But not only did we have sex I setup the video camera and recorded the whole thing! We had some some super hot sex and he unloaded a HUGE cum shot all over my face and you get to see it dripping off as I finish and go turn off the camera. It was so naughty …. VBEG!

I am giving you the COMPLETE video not one second of it has been edited out so that you can see the real scene just as it happened! So CLICK HERE for the full HD video in both COMPUTER and MOBILE FORMATS.

Sex In a Public Bathroom

Note: I am republishing this set I shot in 2006. It has all been re-master in the new larger sizes and I have included a lot of pictures not previously posted. I have gotten seveal requests for this set over the past couple months!I know you’ve heard me say before “this must be one of the wildest things I’ve ever done” well in this case it’s true! I was at this night club with Pattie and Serena and we had gotten there very earlier in the evening and the place was still quite empty. The bartender had not even officially opened the upstairs bar yet. Anyway, as we waited for the bar to open so we could get some drinks and this very handsome man comes and sits down at the bar.
sexy milf dawn marie at He immediately caught my eye because he was very tall (I later found out he was 6′ 6″) and I’ve always had a thing for tall men. Anyway I made eye contact with him and then pointed him out to Pattie and Serena and told them “he’s mine” … hehehe! How did I manage to capture these photos .. well I’m always telling you hubby NEVER goes anywhere without his camera and just so happened he had it this night too! As soon as he saw that VBEG on my face he started snapping pictures! This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever done anything this spontaneous and it was super erotic!This is like NOTHING I’VE EVER DONE before .. being in a public men’s restroom in a bar and have full on sex was a truly mind blowing experience. I got down and sucked his huge cock, he ate me out against the wall and then he bent me over the toilet and did me from behind until he EXPLODED ALL OVER MY BUTT! I’m sure this is probably one of those “once in lifetime experiences” but WOW was it fun! CLICK HERE for all the XXX 90+ pictures of us in the Men’s room! sexy milf dawn marie at
sexy milf dawn marie at sexy milf dawn marie at
sexy milf dawn marie at sexy milf dawn marie at
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Cougar On Campus

Today I was at my sons college to go to the registrar to pay for his winter classes. It was no big deal and was just a routine day. But then something (or should I say someone) came along to change my day for the better … VBEG! There was this younger man in line and we started chatting and eventually the topic turned to “older women”. He was very straight forward and direct and told me point blank how he likes older women and fucking MILFs. Yes, even I was shocked at the comment but I must say something his straight forwardness really turned me on! As we waited in line he said he had seen me on campus before and really wanted to fuck me. I was really taken aback but turned on at the same time. So I decided to call his bluff! I told him “Ok you can fuck me … but it has to be today and it has to be as soon as we leave this line. I was not expecting him to say yes …. but he did, I just couldn’t believe it! So as soon as we paid our bills I let him follow me back to my place and we went straight to the bedroom! I must say I was REALLY happy we did because this young guy was able to cum twice! I couldn’t believe it. We fucked and sucked for a while and he gave his warm cum to me twice. It was so hot that I cannot wait to meet again! CLICK HERE FOR THE 18+ min. video in full HD size with 2 cum shots! Yummy!

Rockin’ Hard Black Cock

Rockin’ Hard Black Cock at the Hard Rock! – Ok guys this is it the video of my fun in Vegas with DeShaun. DeShaun was turning me in every direction like I was a little gumby doll. We enjoyed some HOT oral sex which you know I love and then I just had to have his hard cock deep inside me. I was so turned on and you can hear me moan with pleasure and him telling me how tight my pussy was just made me even wetter. So after I rode his hard cock for a bit it was time for him to ride me, VBEG and it was no time until he was filling me with his hot cum.

As most of you know I have only done bareback pics once or twice and creampie is something I have ONLY ever done with my hubby so this is a big treat. I’ve done with NO CONDOM and I let Deshaun cum right in my pussy for a big creampie! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie Fucked

NOTE: I’ve been under the weather a little this week so hubby did me a favor and RE-MASTERED this 2005 video in FULL TV including extra footage not originally shown. Back in 2005 we were not posting videos this large. Enjoy!

If you know me, you know I love it from behind! It is my favorite way to have sex with man. I love the slapping of my butt against him as he watches me shake and wiggle! I love the sound it makes when our bodies meet. And most of all I like it from behind because it goes in really deep .. VBEG!! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 15+ Min. TV SIZE VIDEO IN MY CLUB AND WATCH HIM SQUIRT HIS WARM CUM ALL OVER MY ASS!!

Dawn Marie The Cougar

What can I say .. It was so hot and a really exciting experience for me. Me and college boy in his one room flat going at like two college kids … hehehe! He was so much younger than me but I didn’t care and he didn’t care and we were both turned on by our difference in age! This XXX Video of me with college age young man. I showed him plenty, but he was a great romp in the sack and I really really enjoyed it!

Well this young college boy had much more exerience than I imaged *smile* He did me good and hard and even was choking me while fucking my waiting pussy. Yes I’m a housewife and this opportunity was mega turn on. But when his huge cock pull up and squirted a huge young load all over my face I was astonished. I was so amazingly hot! CLICK HERE for this 27+ UNEDITED RAW VIDEO of me with college age young man. He fucks and he squirts all over my face!