Sexual Favor Returned

Naughty Allie Returns A Sexual Favor

I think by now everyone probably knows how much I enjoy watching my husband fucking my girlfriends. About the only thing better than seeing Jake drilling one of my hot slutty friends is when they are joined by a third person, particularly if that third person is another guy. For me, just watching a girl being fucked by two guys at once is about as hot as it gets, especially when one of those guys is my husband. Talk about having your very own live sex show!

Speaking of two guys fucking one girl, you’ve probably seen the video where Iím getting fucked by Jake and Grant at the same time. Since Brooke was kind enough to allow me to use her husband on a previous occasion I thought it was only fair that I reciprocate by offering up mine. So now it was time for me to return Brooks favor by loaning her my husband for a couple of hours. Plus, it was a win-win situation since I knew I would be able to get myself off while I watched the three of them going at it!

I did manage to snap these pics for everyone while I was holding the camera with one hand and diddling myself with the other. Unfortunately I had to delete quite a few of the pics I took because many of them were so blurry you couldn’t even tell what was going on. Hey, lets see you try masturbating with one hand while snapping photos with the other. I’ll bet you’ll find most of them end up blurry or out of focus.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part. This was a big surprise for Grant. Although he’s seen Jake fucking his wife on other occasions he was caught off guard when we called him into the room to see his pretty young wife down on her knees sucking my husband’s cock. Once we filled him in on the plan for a three-way fucking of Brooke he stripped out of his clothes and the party got started.

So now that Brooke and I are even again that means next time we meet I’ll get to take on the boys while she gets stuck behind the camera. Fuck I can’t wait! ~ Kisses, Allie


Group Sex with My Members

Naughty Allie Has Group Sex with Members

If you’ve been coming to my members only cam chats lately then these two hotties will need no introduction. However, for the benefit of those who are unable to make it to the chats please allow me to introduce Ashley and Brian. They’ve been members of my site for quite a while now and we had been flirting back and forth for several months before we finally decided to hook-up in real life. Luckily these guys aren’t camera shy so I’m able to post all the pictures and videos we took during their visit…..Make sure you check out my site to see this entire video, as well as all my other personal x-rated private home movies, a ton of my naughty photos, erotic stories, live cam shows, streaming voyeur cams, and personal blog diary updated daily!


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car

Jake and I Being Naughty

Just Jake and I Behing Naughty

I often get e-mail from members telling me how much they enjoyed catching Jake and I getting naughty in front of one of the many voyeur cams I have placed throughout my home. Some of the e-mail goes into great detail about how erotic it was to peek in and find us fucking. I recently received an e-mail on this topic from a member who also noted that I d have a lot of photos of just Jake and I together. His e-mail got me thinking so I took a look at my site and realized “MtnClmbr34” made a good point.

Although I do have quite a few pics of just Jake and I most of the photos and videos on my site are actually group sex encounters. You know my philosophy, “the more the merrier”! That being said, I promised “MtnClmbr34” the next time I got naughty with Jake I would bust out the camera and take some pics for my site. You guys gotta give me credit for this one because when I walked into the room dressed only in my bra and panties holding a camera Jake said, C’mon let’s just fuck!î I told him that I had promised a member of my site that I would get some photos of our next little romp session.

When Jake continued to protest I told him the issue wasn’t open for debate. I firmly said, ìIf you want to get your cock sucked and fucked then you’re going to take pictures, period.î I guess you could say he changed his position on the subject as he reached for the camera. As you can see from these pictures that is when I got busy!

There is only one thing that gets me wetter than being fucked and that is thinking of all the people that will be getting off to the pictures of me being fucked. I guess you could consider that a true sign of my exhibitionism! Or maybe it is an indication I was a sexual therapist in a former life. Oh fuck, I don’t know! Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, just the thought of others watching me being naughty is enough to get me off! CLICK HERE!

~Kisses, Allie

Allie’s Morning Shower

Naughty Allie Gets Off During Her Morning Shower

A member of my site, TittieFan, wanted to see some pics of me with my titties pressed against a glass shower door. I thought it was a great idea and it would also be a chance for me to show off my 34D tits. When I was ready for my shower this morning, I asked Jake to grab the camera so he could take a couple of pictures of my titties through the shower door. I was in a playful mood so I actually had him take a lot of photos. I was a little horny so in some of the pictures you’ll notice I slipped a few fingers in :-)  CI hope you like the pictures TittieFan! I saved the best pictures for last. CLICK HERE AND JOIN ME IN ALL MY NAUGHTY ADVENTURES!


Allie’s Appetizer

Now That’s What I Call an Appetizer – Jake and I were getting ready to head out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner the other night when things got more than just a little naughty. I had already showered and was just finishing up curling my hair when Jake walked into the bathroom with a camera and started snapping away. I wasn’t sure what he was up to but usually when he breaks out the camera its pretty much a sure sign that I’ll be getting some action.

I told him that he’d have to put his little plan on hold until later because I was starving and really needed something to eat. That’s when he offered me a quick appetizer to hold me over until dinner. Well, you know I never pass on an opportunity to get lucky even if it is just a quickie. As you can see I was already naked and ready for some fun so all I needed to do was get Jake out of his clothes and get right down to business.

I dropped to my knees and slid his jeans and underwear down around his ankles as I simultaneously wrapped my lips around his cock. I wasn’t about to waste anytime and my goal was to get him hard as quick as I possibly could. The sooner I was able to stiffen his prick the sooner he would be pounding away at my already soaking wet pussy. Let’s just say it didn’t take more than a few minutes before I found myself flat on my back next to the tub with Jake fucking me senseless!

After having my pussy completely satisfied I began begging for his come all over my face and that’s exactly what I got. As Jake pulled out of my quivering cunt I again dropped to my knees just in time to receive spurt after spurt of his sticky man juice. Some shot over my head, some went in my eye, but I was able to catch most of it in my mouth. Yummy! I was sure to milk every last drop from his cock before I jumped back up and hastily finished getting dressed for dinner. Yeah, that was a great appetizer but I was ready to head to the restaurant for the main course. CLICK HERE AND JOIN ME IN ALL MY NAUGHTY ADVENTURES!

7 Girl Orgy

Jake and I had been corresponding with this girl Anna that we had met on-line. We had been thinking about taking a vacation when Anna mentioned that she and a bunch of her friends were planning their annual get together in Las Vegas and asked if we’d like to join them. It had been a couple years since we’d been to Vegas so we decided to go, besides we’d been wanting to meet Anna anyway. Our first night in town we met Anna and her friends at one of the casino bars for a few drinks. Well, we weren’t there for more than twenty minutes before someone suggested that we head upstairs to Anna’s suite to continue the party there.

It wasn’t very long before the girls headed toward the bedroom area of the suite where we all pretty much just started getting naked. I had to laugh to myself when I looked up and saw a couple of the the guys grabbing for their cameras. I don’t think they ever wanted to forget this moment, seven naked hotties all in one bed. I was kind of nervous at first, after all I hadn’t even been introduced to some of these girls yet.

Although I was nervous I was also getting very horny. I was so glad that I had worn black panties so no one could see the juices running out of me. This incredibly hot blonde girl, who I later found out was named Hunter, leaned over and started kissing my nipples and wow did it feel great. I thought i’d return the favor by sucking on her beautiful titties. By the way she was moaning I think she was really enjoying it. All the girls around me were groping each other and I just wanted to reach out and touch everyone. It was so fucking erotic and I was so horny! I turned around I saw Anna sitting right next to me and I couldn’t resist grabbing her titties and sucking on her nipples.

Then I just started playing with all the girls in the bed, I desperately wanted to taste each and every one of them that night. We were all so amazed that this was happening that occasionally we would just stop and glance at each other and giggle. Then it was right back to playing with each other. This was so fucking hot, I couldn’t even begin to convey what I was feeling inside.

After some more kissing and touching, the pussy eating started in full force. Believe me with seven hot chicks there was plenty of pussy to go around. There were periods of time that the moaning and screaming was so loud that you would have sworn that all seven of us were cumming all at once. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY NAUGHTY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

X-Rated Road Trip

Hello There  . ..  My name is Allie and I’m a busty 27 year-old dirty talking blonde nympho on a never ending journey to get laid. Since I have an insatiable craving for cock I decided to create my own personal web site to chronicle all my sexual exploits. After seeing a lot of sexy amateur housewife type websites I said to myself, “I can do that”. I’m pretty much a natural born exhibitionist anyway so this is really the perfect outlet for me.

Well, let me just tell you that my pussy started to throb and I got soaking wet at the very thought of exposing myself to the public via the Internet. I ran straight into my bedroom and grabbed a huge black dildo and proceeded to fuck my pussy into one of the best fucking orgasms I’ve ever experienced. Speaking of masturbation, I really need to get off at least 4 or 5 times a day to be completely satisfied so I’m constantly masturbating or getting fucked by a nice thick cock (or 2, or 4, or more – oops that’s a different story). Anyway, I figured the members of my site would love to watch all of this hot action so I set-up a bunch of live 24/7 streaming voyeur cams all over my house.

Now they can spy on me and my swinger friends anytime they’re feeling a little horny. It’s really cool because you never know what you may end up seeing. You may drop in on me right in the middle of one of my famous orgy parties or you may stop by just in time to see me taking a huge facial cum shot from one of my favorite cocks. I guess you probably would like to know the story behind this homemade video of mine so, here ya go…..

These clips are from a movie that I’ve titled: “MY XXX RATED ROAD TRIP”.

Last week Jake and I took an overnight getaway trip to a small resort town just a couple hours from where we live. We hadnít made it very far before I started feeling even more frisky than usual. I asked, no I practically begged, him to pull over and fuck me on the side of the road. He said heíd love to give it to me right then and there but also mentioned that if we didnít keep going weíd probably miss our dinner reservations. At the time I really didnít give a shit about dinner, I just wanted to have an orgasm, or two…..Make sure you check out my site to see this entire video, as well as all my other personal x-rated private home movies, a ton of my naughty photos, erotic stories, live cam shows, streaming voyeur cams, and personal blog diary updated daily!


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car


naughty allie toys her pussy in the car

Yummy Facial

One of my members, Christopher requested some hot blowjob/facial photos on Friday. Christopher left his request in my journal where he told me that, “thereís something about a beautiful woman with cum shot across her face that really gets me off.” As always, I aim to please so here ya go Christopher. I hope you’ll shoot a big load for me while you stroke your cock to these pics.

I had just drove home from shopping at the mall and I was craving some cock. I couldn’t wait to get inside and rip Jakeís pants off. I walked through the door to find Jake relaxing on the couch watching TV. I told him I was going to suck him off until he gave me my daily dose of protein. Like any man he was reluctant to turn over the remote control so that I could turn off the TV. As you can see he gave it up when I told him he could keep it but he’d miss out on a great blowjob. I shut off the TV and dropped to my knees to satisfy my craving!

I began by rubbing the big bulge in Jakeís pants. I couldn’t wait to make him cum so I didn’t waste any time at all and got right down to business. Once the belt was out of my way I unzipped his fly. The only thing that was between Jakeís cock and my mouth was his underwear. I ripped those things off and I found what I was looking for. I started licking his balls and worked my way up to the tip of his cock where I was rewarded with a yummy taste of precum, only a small sample of what was to come. I continued to fuck his cock with my mouth while anticipating the feeling of his warm load all over my face.

Jake was rock hard and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was rewarded for my efforts. I briefly paused to admire his beautiful cock. My lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft as they slid up and down on it, getting a little faster and deeper with each stroke. The faster I fucked his cock the more excited I became knowing he was about to plaster my face with his hot sticky man juice. It didnít take too long before he told me to open my mouth because he was going to shoot his load. Yes, this is what I had been waiting for. I sat back and opened my mouth wide. I was so horny that I could feel the crotch of my jeans getting moist.

Finally, the first powerful burst of cum shot across my face. Most of it actually shot right over my head and landed on the carpet several feet away. Jake just kept cumming, burst after burst until my face was covered in his warm sticky cum. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock to capture the last couple of bursts and ensure that I sucked him totally dry! I swear I just fucking love the taste of cum. It’s really one of my favorite treats. After I had totally drained his cock Jake pointed out that I had quite a mess on my face. Yummy, even more cum for me. I used my fingers to wipe his cum off my face and I licked them clean. I was sure not to let any of his precious seed go to waste. That was exactly what I needed after a long day at the mall. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY NAUGHTY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!