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White Summer Cherry

I do love Memorial Day in the US. It is a wonderful time to remember all those across the world who have fought for their country. It is also the unofficial start of the summer. Time to break out the white bikinis, the white shoes, and other print clothing! It also means I better keep my skin tanned so those whites look good on me. It also means that it is time to start filling myself up with summer loving. I love a good white bed also because it lets all the color to come from my lovers. Many ask why my beds are always white. It is because I love the contrast in my lover’s bodies.

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Neighbor Affair!

Helly Hellfire can’t handle the fact that she doesn’t live in her old house anymore, so she’s been casing the place with the current owners, James Deen and his wife. When James steps outside to get his newspaper, he finds Helly there again, and orders her off his property. She pleads with him to see the house one more time, and then she’ll be out of his hair. But “seeing the house” equates to fucking the married man on the bed where he and his wife sleep! CLICK HERE AND SEE HELLY HELLFIRE FUCK THIS MARRIED MAND BEHIND HIS WIFE’S BACK!

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